People to People International Cultural Competency

What is cultural competency?
Cultural Competency is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across
cultures. It is a vital skill in today’s world. Understanding cultural differences and how to interact with those of
another culture will not only breed trust and understanding, it will enrich the lives of those who understand its
principles and can broaden the horizons of those who will apply these principles in our society.

Who needs cultural competency?
Everyone. The world grows smaller every day. With not only the diversity expansion and integration of so many
cultures in our society, but also with the new applications and communications technology platforms invented
daily, we are exposed to hundreds of cultures with the click of a mouse or the swipe of finger. Cultural competency has to be taught, as it usually goes against our base instincts to accept different experiences. It is necessary
to teach as many people as possible not only the basics of academics but also how to interact in today’s ever-changing society and global community.

People to People International’s Cultural Competency Workshop includes four, 30-minute modules that teach:

• Cultural Competency
• The basics of communications between cultures.
• How different gestures, words or actions can be interpreted differently based on culture background.
• Leadership
• As it applies to diverse and culturally-relevant settings.
• How to be a leader in a culturally diverse setting and how to approach uncomfortable cultural interactions.
• Diplomacy
• Diplomacy is cultural communication, which is different than small group or mass communication.
• Sending a message of inclusion and understanding of others in your mass communication messages.
• Interpersonal Communications
• Socially concious and culturally aware communications with others.
• Small group or one-on-one understanding and inclusive communication practice.


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