People to People Global Education

Global Youth Forum

The People to People International Global Youth Forum
is a week-long conference where students from all
over the world come to participate in educational,
cultural, community service and recreational projects. Here they learn how to break down cultural barriers,
they gain service hours, Congressional Awards and
even college credit if they participate in extra academic
work. This program moves around the country and the
world while we work to accommodate children of all
cultures and countries.

School & Classroom Program

By far, People to People’s most wide-spread program,
The School & Classroom Program creates classroom-level
pen pals around the world. From Italy to Nebraska or Tanzania to New York, school-aged students exchange
art and experiences with one another while learning
about each other’s cultures.

Global Youth Arts

The Global Youth Arts Program is participated in by school-aged children all over the world. The arts projects are graded on an elementary, middle and high school basis. This particular program works to help students embrace, promote and develop their artistic skills and passions. People to People International works with Art Institutes and Art Galleries around the United States to display the Global Youth Murals that are sent to our headquarters to be “graded.” These Murals are currently on display in several Kansas City privately-owned art studios.

Let us know if you’re interested in participating in our Global Education Programs!