2016 Joyce C. Hall College Scholarship Recipients

People to People International’s students represent a variety of cultures, locations, and interests, but they are brought together by their shared enthusiasm for Peace through Understanding. Please enjoy getting to know the recipients of our 2016 Joyce C. Hall College Scholarship, and consider inviting students you know to become involved in PTPI’s programs, both in their local communities and around the world.

Gabriela Alvarez

Sterling, Virginia, USA

  How have your academic/career interests been influenced by your involvement with PTPI?
People to People International has changed my life completely. I’m pursuing degrees in International Studies and Political Science because I want to do more to foster peace and increase global citizenship in the world around me. Traveling isn’t enough for me—I want to live the PTPI mission in my daily life, crafting foreign policy and advocating for equality to continue Eisenhower’s dream of Peace through Understanding.                              

Veronica Duffield

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

  How did you learn about PTPI?
I learned about PTPI through my travel experience to Australia with Student Ambassadors in 2012. The local PTPI chapter in Arizona helped me raise money for my trip through fundraising and scholarship opportunities. While I was in Australia my family hosted a young Russian girl from a PTPI chapter in Russia. When I came back home from Australia, I continued working with the PTPI Greater Phoenix, Arizona Chapter which opened many more doors for me to continue working with PTPI through international travel, attending events held in the United States, and hosting international delegates in my home through my local chapter.

Clinton Ezeigwe

Imo State, Nigeria

  What is your favorite PTPI memory?
My participation in the Asia Youth Conference in Korea, in July 2015, which seeks to harness the power of young people to form global friendships and partnerships, their culture and diversity, their expertise and deep conversation about today’s world peace and how it can be fostered through understanding. Singing, smiling, laughing with our whole hearts and rejoicing with one another: sharing stories and orientating ourselves.

Eesha Patel

Maple, Ontario, Canada

  In your own words, what is the purpose of PTPI?
PTPI, in my opinion, is an organization that acts as the pillars of understanding for global issues. The organization enables students and adults alike to enhance their global awareness and broaden their perspectives because they create a basis of knowledge through their travel programs, conferences and chapters. People to People International helps to provide people at a young age with opportunities to learn more about the world and world issues. This allows them to understand and promote peace in their communities, and ultimately, the world, and acts as a foundation for self-transformation into a more open-minded individual. PTPI makes people realize that a positive change in oneself and the world is never too hard to achieve.

Genevieve Weaver

Haslet, Texas, USA

  Why should high-school and university students be part of PTPI?
High school and university students should seriously consider PTPI because it alters your entire perception of the world around you. History becomes alive when you clamber up the Acropolis to see the Parthenon, witness the remnants of the Berlin Wall, take a cruise on Loch Ness to look for the monster, and walk through the terra cotta army of the very first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.