Our Donors


People are at the heart of our mission and every gift from every donor matters, no matter the amount.  We are honored to recognize the following individuals and organizations that have made charitable gifts of at least $100 this year. Donors help People to People International remain an active force in sustaining a more peaceful world. Add your name to the list today!

Endowment $100,000 and above
Charles & Chinyeh Hostler Endowment

Champion of Peace $20,000 and above
Chinyeh Hostler
Mary Jean Eisenhower
Hall Family Foundation

Master of Peace $5,000 and above
Albion College
Natalie Besse
Bob Book
Building Controls & Services
Mike Fisher
Gary Sinise Foundation
Jiae Grace Kim
Gary & Moira Sinise
Susan & Lewis Weins

Curator of Peace $1,000 to $4,999
Mary Lou Battmer
Ken Browne
Carlo Capua
Cris Christenson
City of Kansas City, Missouri
Donald Hall
Michael & Mary Hermida
Lisa Hickok & Ericka Schubert
Robert Hoehn
Debbie Huang
Michael & Rae Hyatt
Richard Jow
Tracy Justinak
Sung Chul Kim
Charles C. C. Lin
Los Angeles Chapter
Anita Manuel
Sean O'Donnell, Raven Printing LLC
John Paton
Michael & Marianne Rubin
Mary (Toni) Russell
Thomas A. Stillitano, Jr.
Mary Vlamides

Humanitarian $500 to $999
Dale Baker
Terry Bashline
Warren Brown
Barbara Capozzi
Jin Soo Kim
PTPI's Kathmandu, Nepal (Peace Nepal) Chapter
Robert Smith
Croix Thompson
Patrick Westerfield & Family

Global Citizen $250 to $499
Curtis "Hank" & Joanne Barnette
Brad Bittenbender
Hannah Borchers
Alan Burks
Indra Thapa Chhetri
Ellen Clarke
Tony Di Giacomo
Elaine O.C. Forbes
John Frechette
Karen Harper
KC Smart Port
Soon Jong Kim
Judge Lee Koury & Dr. Linda Miller
Robert Kriel
Jerome Lonergan
John Maloney
Joyce Miller
Juliann Muntz
Ms. Usha & Dr. Sudha Narasimhan
Joan Nicholas
Lawrence Pakula in memory of Sheila Pakula
Nancy & Brett Pilney
Elizabeth Carlyle Raine
Aaron Richard
Doug Tystad
Thomas Van Dyke
Viola Family Foundation
Everett Vogel & Carol Ries
Michael & Maggie Wood
Natalie Woods
William Zavarello

Peace Promoter $100 to $249
Roy Allen
Ira Anders
Jan Ashton
Farida Baig
Lori Beaudoin
John Blankenship
Jerry Brown
Jerry E. Brown
Diane Boyd
Marjorie Brady
Roy Chaney
James Crain
Diane Cropp
Wanita DeToma
Steve & Cathy DiGiacinto
A. Michael Drachler
Jarrett Dziuk
Patricia Freeman
An Moon G
Margaret Gatewood
Give with Liberty
Jennifer Hall
Joseph Haloburdo
Charif Hamidi
Timothy Houghton & Family
Katherine Houle
Joyce Hughes
Sarah & Nicholas Inman
Michelle Isonio
Stamatios Karvouniaris
Shawna Kelley
Gi Taek Kim
William LaChance & Family
Laurence Lane & Family
Jeffrey Lang
Jennifer Lawson
Kyong Lee
Teresa Loar
Anita Mendoza & Family
John Miller
John Mullin & Family
Jesse Myers
LaVicie Runkle
Chelsea Scalzo
Martin Schultz
Chin Pang Billy Siu
Kenneth Steadman
Margaret Stolpen
Jed Sweetman & Family
Theresa Tyndall
Mrs. Valetta
Megan Walker & Family
Elly Washington
Charles Weill
Jae Yeon

Gifts made between August 1, 2016 and August 15, 2017

Add your name to the list today!


Donors who give $1,000 or more annually are listed in four issues of PTPI's quarterly newsletter, Connections.