Chapter FAQs

Who can join a chapter?
Community Chapters are for individuals of all ages. Student Chapters are for high school and college/university students.

What is the first step for starting a PTPI Chapter?
Read the Global Chapter Network program overview.

What are the requirements for starting a PTPI Chapter?
Both Community and Student Chapters must:
  • Have at least 10 members
  • Hold a meeting to elect officers and plan at least four projects for the year that are based on the vision and purpose of PTPI
  • Submit a Project Planning Form
  • Read and sign the Community Chapter Bylaws or Student Chapter Bylaws
  • Submit a Chapter Charter Application
  • Student Chapters must have an Adult Advisor
What costs or fees are involved with PTPI Chapters?
PTPI Chapters submit an annual payment. The payments are structured based on zones, which are designed to take into account differences in global regions. The zones are based on countries’ Gross National Income according to the United Nations. To see a breakdown of zones and payment amounts, download our Explanation of Chapter Payments.

Example: The Anytown, USA Chapter is in Zone 1 and has 50 members, therefore their annual payment is $500. The chapter collects $20 in dues from each member, for a total of $1,500. After the annual payment is made, the chapter keeps $1,000 in their chapter treasury for their projects and activities.

Example: The Anytown, Bulgaria Chapter is in Zone 3 and has 20 members, therefore their chapter payment is $100. The chapter members decided to use a portion of the proceeds from a fundraiser for the chapter payment rather than ask each member for dues.