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PTPI's Global Book Club - September Selection

Join Betsy Warfield in reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo through a cultural lens.

PTPI's Global Book Club - September Selection

Marie Kondo has an ability unlike anyone else to make tidying up exciting! Does it spark joy? If not, discard it! Do not think twice and do not try to give away things you cannot part with on family or friends (unless they would have spent money on it themselves and you are saving them the expense). Kondo walks the eager organizer through a basic process with step-by-step instructions and tips that will make your organization overhaul both long-lasting and foolproof. The simple method of keeping in your life only those things that you truly love will rejuvenate your home and by extension, your life.

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10/11/2015 7:45:09 AM

k.r Saroja

I love this book of Marie Kondo, 'The life changing magic of tidying up' It certainly changed/refined what I was already doing-- tidying up. I do not like clutter. It literally depresses me. So I constantly give away things. But after reading her book, I do 'cleaning/clearing the clutter with awareness. I am following most of her recommendations about how to organize, including how to fold clothes and socks, nylons etc and etc. arranging them in a particular way, and feel so much better. I follow her idea how to discard things. 'No joy'--- discard. Cleaning and simplyfying life is so rewarding. It is a spiritual practice and very meditative. I am so glad that I was recommended this life changing book. It certainly did mine!! Thank you PTPI global book club!