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PTPI's Global Book Club: Same, Same But Different & Growing Up Global

Growing Up Global really opened my eyes as a parent and I realized there is so much we could do at home for little or no cost to help our son learn about other cultures.  The book is full of activities and facts that are easily explained to younger kids and older kids can delve into more.  We listed a lot of the activities on our first blog post and we as a family decided to try the international movie and dinner/snack.

PTPI's Global Book Club: Same, Same But Different & Growing Up Global

A few of the movies listed in the book were on Netflix and Amazon streaming.  We went to the library which had the best selection.  We settled on The Red Balloon from France.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048980/  This is a really cute movie from 1956 about a red balloon that follows a boy around his day in Paris.

I’m going to be honest – it was extremely hard to find an age appropriate movie for a preschooler that is not a cartoon.  A lot of the movies we found had some violence or would go right over his head.  Maybe when he gets into elementary or middle school we can get into more movies.

Before the movie started, we blew up some actual red balloons and during the movie we talked about what the little boy’s school looked like and also how he got to walk everywhere by himself.  (Alex really liked that part)  We talked about how our neighborhood looks different than that of the little boy but that he still goes to school like Alex does.  Also the boy dresses different but has the same haircut!

For our ‘dinner’ we decided to make a snack – Nutella and banana crepes! YUMMY!  Both Alex and my husband have never had Nutella and they were a bit apprehensive at first.  After one bite though the crepes were gone fast!  If you have never tried making crepes, its surprisingly easy if you have a nonstick pan.  Here is the recipe I used – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlpryiMps9I
PTPI’s Administration Manager Rebecca Nunn’s son and husband enjoying crepes for dinner

We had such a great time doing some of the cultural activities listed in Growing Up Global – we even had to get a world map for his room because he wanted to know where all the countries were!  I think a lot of the activities are easy and fun they can be worked into a weekly or monthly schedule.  Next month we plan on going to the Kansas City art museum which has an amazing Chinese display.

Thank you for learning with us this month!

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