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Discussion Questions 2 for Same, Same But Different & Growing Up Global

This blog post was prepared by Rebecca Nunn, Manager of Administration. Her son, Alex, draws a photo of his house, something he would share with a pen pal if he had one. 

Discussion Questions 2 for Same, Same But Different & Growing Up Global

In the book Same, Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, two boys become pen pals through their schools.  Elliot is from America and Kailash is from India.  Through their letters they learn that even though they are very far apart, they are more alike than different.  Did you know People to People International offers a FREE school pen pal program?

PTPI’s School & Classroom Program is a free service that links classes and youth groups in different countries for pen pal exchanges and projects that foster cultural understanding and friendship. Teachers of students ages 4-18 years old are invited to register. Giving students an authentic audience for their work is both a motivator and a source of engagement. If we can encourage youth to think about respect, peaceful relations, and global concerns when they are young, we may help them become the type of thinkers and leaders we need when they are adults! We will provide resources for successful, global collaborations that will be meaningful to your students throughout their lives. Join our community of 250,000+ teachers and students from 128 countries!

Activity for Same, Same But Different: 
Alex practices yoga, just like Kailash in Same, Same But Different

Alex was interested in Kailash talking about yoga.  He used to do yoga stretches in his daycare right before naps.  We talked about how yoga helps us feel quiet and calm.  We also talked about how fun it would be to go to school in India and have yoga as a class everyday like Kailash. He also wanted to draw a picture of our house that he would share if he had a pen pal.
Alex's House
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