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PTPI Leadership Academy - March 2017, Skopje, Macedonia

Representatives from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, and Belgium gathered together in Skopje, Macedonia for the PTPI Leadership Academy, March 2017. Here at this event, students were informed on how to become future community leaders to advance the mission of PTPI in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. Angel Dimitrievski, Youth Coordinator of the European Region for PTPI, shared a positive message over social media about the success of the Leadership Academy.

PTPI Leadership Academy - March 2017, Skopje, Macedonia



Dear people of PTPI,

Let me tell you some beautiful news that you all want to hear. As probably many of you already saw on social media, last week we organised the PTPI Youth Leadership Academy in Skopje-Macedonia. This was for sure one of the best projects I implemented since I started serving as Youth Coordinator of the European Region.

This Academy equipped 17 high school and university students on how to become future community leaders and how to spread the mission of PTPI. And this energy is something that it must be felt and spread across countries and nations. This Academy brought Emil from Plovdiv to be homestayed at Georgino’s home in Skopje. They become like brothers in 5 days and on the bus station to the way home Emil told me that he is so connected to this family that he don’t want to leave the country. There was a girl from Varna called Illyana that could not find the words to explain this experience, so she wrote me a letter that she wrote the evening before departure and handed to me on the bus station. There is a boy called Vlad from Romania who enjoyed a combination of Macedonian traditional kafana and good rock music.

These amazing students attended the program that me and my team very carefully prepared for three months. They were working on improving their team competences, shaped the ideal community leader, attended panel discussions on leadership topics, attended workshops on intercultural communication with Toni from Bulgaria and project management workshop with Emi from Plovdiv. And most importantly they promised to deliver 5 wonderful projects after this Academy. For me, this is a sign that this event has sustainability and it engages our youth in spreading the PTPI mission.

I want to send a big thank you to my Skopje team who supported me in implementing this idea, Chalks and PTPI Europe that supported us financially and with whom without this Academy would not happened and all the amazing students who came, their adult support leaders and our workshop leaders.

If you have 3 minutes from your time, you can watch this video and see everything what I am talking about (the video is only available to watch from computer, no phones):


Please always believe in the energy of our PTPI Youth membership, it is truly MAGICAL.

Yours in Peace,
Angel Dimitrievski

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