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Homestay in Emmental - A Piece of Heaven!

Long-time PTPI Member, Rolf Dahlberg of the Karlstad, Sweden Chapter tells us about his homestay experience in Emmental, Switzerland.

Homestay in Emmental - A Piece of Heaven!

In September I had the pleasure of having a homestay for a few days in Emmental with a wonderful family. I had just flown down for my 8th All Swiss Meeting in a row – this time to Bern. This event rotates through the three PTPI Chapters in Switzerland – Bern, Interlaken and Zürich.

Every year they find a new adventure. This year started by train to Biel, followed by a most pleasurable boatride across the Biel lake to Erlach. There we were met by Nathalie Marolf. She & her husband run the Marolf Vineyards. We were given a glass as exited the boat, and it was not empty for very long – constant refills of different excellent local vines as we were given a tutorial and a tour of the vineyards. I found it especially interesting since the name was MaRolf. We ended up for late lunch at Garo’s forest chalet with playground in Tschugg, and were served wonderful Risotto with würst and some more excellent wine!

Over the years the Swiss have become almost like my second family. The fact that Switzerland, probably is one of the most wonderful places on earth, helps.

I had the privilege of spending a few days in Langnau, Emmental; a city of 9.000 inhabitants. It feels like a small town – in a good way. You know your neighbors.

The first day we visited the Regional Museum or The Chüechlihus house, which in the oldest house in Langnau, which was built before the 1600. I tried new things, new dishes, new destinations in just a matter of days! It is always good that you can drive across this country in six hours…..

We drove around the entire area, and I had the chance to be a tourist in the beautiful city of Thun, where I watched  a Swiss National League A hockey game (the SC Langnau Tigers versus the Lausanne HC) at the Ilfis Stadium. I was blown away that they had up to 6,000 spectators watching their home games!

The top scorer was a Swede, Anton Gustafsson, but their most valuable player was Christopher DiDomenico. It was early in the season, but the Tigers got their first win of the season that night!

I also climbed a high tower looking out over the breathtaking Alps, tried Swiss cheese fondue (I love it!),watched Emmental cheese being made at a local plant, and also visited the local Kambly biscuit factory that has been running since 1910. The final day we visited the local markets they have six times a year.

It was destiny that the guy from Lagnö, Sweden would visit Langnau, Switzerland. One thing is for sure – I will be back next year again!

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