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PTPI Chapter Projects: Flood Relief and Animal Shelter Repair in Burgas, Bulgaria

One of the benefits of being in a PTPI Chapter is the ability to focus on issues within a community that matter to chapter members. The recent projects of our Burgas, Bulgaria (The Vectors) Student Chapter are a great example. 

PTPI Chapter Projects: Flood Relief and Animal Shelter Repair in Burgas, Bulgaria

Chapter members wanted to assist residents of the district of Mizia, which flooded in the fall of 2014. They also wanted to help dogs at the shelter in the area. The chapter discussed how to reach their goals then set about making them a reality. Chapter President Hristilina Belichovska wrote to tell us more about it:

“This project was a huge one. The first thing we had to do was divide the chapter into two teams and decide who would be the leaders. Myself and Radina (our vice-president) were responsible for Mizia, and Yoana guided the shelter group.

The team visited the shelter a few times last November. They went for a walk with the dogs and took care of them. It was a lot of fun because as everybody does know, these animals are people’s best friend. The shelter is outside of the city so the members had to travel there on their own, mostly buy bus.

The next step was organizing a night at the Drama Theatre Adriana Budevska of Burgas. We talked with the manager and he agreed to give us a percentage of the tickets sold for the play. So we made posters and hung them in our school. However, the profit was not much.

Our next activity was a cinema night in school. Our American teacher helped us. We made food and sold snacks and again hung posters. The film was “Dead Poets Society” and we raised more than 160lv (approximately $100). We also made a stall in one of the malls in our city and sold handmade Christmas and New Year’s cards and jewelry. We gathered ideas and made the products together. It was not an easy task because at the same time we had a lot of exams but the results showed that our efforts were not in vain. Then the PTPI Student Chapter in Irvine, California decided to help our initiative and donate money. We were very glad because it gave us enough to realize our plans.

The animal shelter decided to reconstruct a small building where the ceiling had been demolished. Now we are deciding exactly which people to help in Mizia. We have had some difficulties because the district is far away from Burgas and the municipality is reluctant to give private information about the citizens. However we are satisfied because with this project we paid attention not only to people in need but also to the animals. It is a great pleasure to bring happiness to someone’s life and we are glad that we made it!”

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