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PTPI Chapter Project Grant: Lilongwe, Malawi

PTPI provides Chapter Project Grants so that our global chapter network may carry out cultural, educational, and humanitarian projects that exemplify the mission of PTPI. Chapters provide reports after their projects have been completed.

PTPI Chapter Project Grant: Lilongwe, Malawi

Chapter Name: Lilongwe Malawi Student Chapter

Project Name: Cheering up the elderly, orphans and disabled (See more photos on Facebook)

Number of Beneficiaries: 1,250

Project Description: A series of Focus Group Discussions were held in order to conduct a needs assessment for our community. The discussions were based on what the individuals thought were the biggest problems affecting the community as a whole, as well as possible solutions to those problems. As a result, the students decided to cook for the community, specifically the elderly, children and disabled.

Outcomes and Impact of the Project: The community enjoyed eating the wonderful food that the students prepared together. Even people from different villages came! They all chatted and sang together, thus promoting Peace through Understanding.

Reflection on Lessons Learned: Since the poverty rate of the country is so high, we found that many people showed up to the event just to eat free food. Next time, we plan on distributing uncooked food items, clothes and other necessities to the people in need rather than cooking.
Grants are awarded twice per year and applications are due February 1 and/or August 1. All applicants will be notified within 30 days following the application deadline and funds will be distributed in March and September. Chapters may apply for and receive more than one grant in a year. Preference will be given to chapters who have not received a grant within the calendar year.

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