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PTPI Chapter Project Grant: Bogota, Colombia

​PTPI provides Chapter Project Grants so that our global chapter network may carry out cultural, educational, and humanitarian projects that exemplify the mission of PTPI. Chapters provide reports after their projects have been completed.

PTPI Chapter Project Grant: Bogota, Colombia

Chapter Name: Bogota, Colombia Chapter

Project Name: “Understanding, Friendship, Assistance & Peace Through Art”

Number of Beneficiaries: Over 400 families (720 teens and children)

Project Description: In order to positively impact the vulnerable, at risk children and teenagers in the community, the chapter decided to use integral arts, cultural & recreational activities, workshops, events with volunteers members, including some ex-players and coaches of the Homeless World Cup (a previous Chapter Project).

Outcomes and Impact of the Project:

-To discover, develop, promote positive, innate, vocational human values, talents, skills of very poor, vulnerable, at risk children and teenagers.

-To empower children and young people, strengthen families and communities through understanding.

-To promote community, institutional networks to help poor, vulnerable, at risk children and teenagers

-To promote understanding, engagement, support among different segments of the society to help very poor, vulnerable, at risk children and teenagers

-To include marginalized, very poor social centers in social, cultural, humanitarian activities.

-To build a more understandable, considered, equitable, peaceful world at the long term.

Reflection on Lessons Learned: It is necessary to be sure of more enough funds for  transportation, promotion,  instruction,  kits donations, meals, refreshments in workshops, complementary  events, travel expenses, equipment for training, videos, phone, internet, fax  etc . monitoring, following, evaluation, diffusion, publication etc…

Grants are awarded twice per year and applications are due February 1 and/or August 1. All applicants will be notified within 30 days following the application deadline and funds will be distributed in March and September. Chapters may apply for and receive more than one grant in a year. Preference will be given to chapters who have not received a grant within the calendar year.

To learn more about People to People International, visit www.ptpi.org or check out our Facebook Page.
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2/17/2016 8:47:39 AM


Thank you for asking, Pilar! I will contact you by email and we can figure out the best way to connect you with the chapter in Bogota.

2/17/2016 7:10:38 AM

pilar jablonski

How we can participate/ help

2/17/2016 7:02:18 AM

pilar jablonski

I would like to get more information on how we can help and participate. I live in portchester NY