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PTPI's Global Book Club - July Selection

​Join PTPI Program Coordinator Matthew Hughes in reading Julia Child’s My Life in France through a cultural lens.

PTPI's Global Book Club - July Selection

The 2009 film Julie & Julia introduced a new generation of food lovers to groundbreaking television chef Julia Child—expertly portrayed by Meryl Streep—and the joy she found in French cuisine. The movie cleverly juxtaposes a New York City blogger’s efforts to recreate every recipe from Julia’s landmark cookbook with the ardor, elation, and challenge Julia experienced in writing it with two friends from France. Its storylines are all engaging—overseas adventures, gourmet delicacies, family strife, love and loss, enduring friendship, success and failure—but it is Julia’s cultural discoveries that make her story a perfect choice for PTPI’s Global Book Club.

Julia Child’s progression from California native to globetrotter to Francophile and American icon involves more than the film might suggest. Her autobiography, My Life in France, carefully traces these transitions in her own words, going beyond what the movie was able to include by showcasing the cultural dissonance, paradigm shifts, comfort zones, and humorous misunderstandings that characterize the experiences of so many expats.

We invite you to join us as we explore Julia Child’s experiences in France, Germany, Norway, and Massachusetts. Along the way, we’ll find what was so mesmerizing for Julia about French culture, discover her knack for making culture accessible, and maybe pick up a kitchen tip or two.

Join Global Book Club members from around the world as they discuss this book on PTPI’s Blog. Stay tuned for the next book announcement in September.
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