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Supporting Our Friends in Bogota, Colombia

Take a look at how our PTPI Chapter Grants are changing the lives of people in Bogota, Colombia!

Supporting Our Friends in Bogota, Colombia

Dear Partners in Peace,

In 2016, People to People International was able to distribute $30,000 in Chapter Grants across the United States and the World! We need your help to continue to make a direct impact towards securing sustainable peace in communities around the world by supporting our Chapter Grant Program.

As you may have heard, the Colombian Marxist FARC rebels recently signed a peace agreement with the Colombian Government that ended 52 years of war and killed over 220,000 innocent women, civilians, and children. This peace agreement brings the Western Hemisphere into a new era of a conflict-free zone for the first time in history!
With the news of the peace agreement, it’s imperative to follow up with crucial support services to allow both sides of the conflict to fully integrate into society and not resort back to violence. As such, PTPI is doing its part in helping to guarantee sustainable peace by supporting our local chapter in Bogota, Colombia. With the help of your donations, PTPI Bogota has delivered school supplies to over 150 girls in the indigenous communities who were directly ravaged by the wars.

Your donation to the Eisenhower Legacy Fund will directly help individuals who have experienced the worst in society. Thank you for your support. We welcome any opportunity to discuss our mission and the work that we are doing to improve the Kansas City area and the rest of the world.
Make a difference today.

President and CEO
People to People International
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