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Ambassador Genci Mucaj Appears As Guest Speaker for PTPI Korea's Annual Friendship and Awards Event

PTPI’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ambassador Genci Mucaj, joined Chairwoman Gil Yon Kim as guest speaker for People to People Korea's Annual Friendship and Awards event. He shared his wonderful speech on social media and stated that "Koreans are wonderful and very friendly people and have my special admiration!"

Ambassador Genci Mucaj Appears As Guest Speaker for PTPI Korea's Annual Friendship and Awards Event


Dear Madam Chairwomen Gil Yon KIM
Excellences Ambassadors, members of Korean Parliament and Government
Dear members of PTPI Korea,

I am delighted to be here tonight and bring the fondest greetings from our President and CEO of People to People to People International, Madam Mary Jean Eisenhower, the granddaughter of the legendary commander of alliance forces and our PTPI founder the honorable USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
In this troubled world People to People is more than ever needed.
We bring the language of peace as our main strength to oppose the atrocities and crimes which have shaken the world entirely.

People to People Korea is a perfect example of residence while promoting peace in the divided peninsula and in the world too.

My country Albania where I come from, in many ways resembles with Korea and its wonderful and beautiful people. Both our nations fought wars for peace and we don’t take freedom for granted.

Celebrating together this wonderful event tonight, we cherish our achievements and global friendship and take strength of our cultural diversity as we all speak the same universal language! The one of human love and care.

I have met today some wonderful people and would like to convey my heartfelt thank you for their hospitality and hard work to promote peace through mutual understating and in particular your charming Chairwoman, Madam Kim, who also sits on the board of Directors of People to People International. She honors you all and puts Korea in the world’s map in the best way possible.

Allow me please to express our appreciation for your commitment towards making this world a better place for our children and assure you that there’s no better way than People to People to reach most needed peace.
It is a great honor to belong to this wonderful global family and would like to see as many members as possible to join this army of peace makers.

People to People is great!!

Respectfully yours
Genci Mucaj
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of PTPI

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