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PTPI's Global Book Club-December Selection

It is a pleasure to announce the 26th selection for PTPI’s Global Book Club, The Light Between Oceans, by M.L. Steadman. We are delighted to have a guest reader for this selection, longtime PTPI member and Global Book Club participant K. Saroja.

PTPI's Global Book Club-December Selection

The book  I have chosen is The Light between Oceans, a novel by M.L. Stedman. This is her first book and is a New York Times bestseller. The title of the book caught my attention. I thought  something very important must have happened between oceans and I was curious to find that out. After I finished reading the book I felt ‘WOW! The title was appropriate.”

This is a story of  four individuals whose lives gets interwoven in a peculiar way between oceans, narrated beautifully by Stedman. The story begins with Tom Sherbourne, originally from Sydney, returning to Australia after having served in war. He takes up a job at Janus Rock, half a day’s journey from the west coast, and it was just the medicine he needed to heal his broken heart from unpleasant childhood memories: the disappearance of his mother, anger towards his father ,and horrid experiences of war.

His lonely private life gets rocked when Isabel enters his life. It gets more complicated when a baby takes over both of their lives in a peculiar way. When things appeared to have settled, another storm shatters their life again. The truth was that the baby had a biological mother in Hannah. Then comes the heart wrenching psychological trauma affecting all of them. The sense of betrayel, conflict between duty and love, and wanting to do the right thing threads the story  in a delicate way. In the end the understanding of love in a deeper sense and its various manifestations leads to forgiveness and peace. This is an unusual story narrated beautifully and tactfully.


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