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PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 6

Leaders from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, and Spain were selected for the 2014 program in Berlin, Germany. Participants will share their experiences throughout the course of the program.

PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 6

Fundraising and PR Day - This was the last day of this extremely wonderful journey. We cannot believe that this time tomorrow we will be travelling home and thinking about all the amazing workshops, powerful discussions, dynamic activities and last but not least – unforgettable moments with the loveliest people. When we reflect on the past days, we are under the impression that every activity in its own way contributed to our personal and professional development.

Morning activities included discussions about fund raising methods and information about funding organizations. Then we had a workshop about public relations for our future projects. Although, the previous days were a lot more creative and resourceful, today’s topics were also of crucial importance for the highest outcome of our joint projects. Towards the end of the day, we had time to exchange ideas, further networking possibilities and contacts. The last part of the training reflected our emotions, memories and impressions of the whole course.

We can conclude that the greatest treasure that we will carry home, apart from the exceptional and  knowledgable experience, will be the mutual understanding and friendships we gained during this course. We would also like to congratulate Verena, Zoran,and Alina on a very professional and inspiring quest that they took us upon!

Now we are looking forward to our farewell party!

-Jana Stanoeska, Macedonia & Natalia Simeonovic, Serbia

The 2014 PTPI Theater Training was funded with support from the European Commission

Program objectives include:
  • Increase participants knowledge and appreciation of other cultures
  • Learn how to best raise awareness of culturally-related stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Exchange ideas and experiences related to humanitarian service projects
  • Practice techniques useful for working with young people and marginalized groups
  • Develop skills that will enable participants to combat marginalization and poverty via theater productions by and for young people
  • Empower and motivate participants to use these skills in their own communities

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