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PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 4

Performers at Kreativehaus in Berlin, where Theater Training Course participants learned techniques they will be able to use in their own communities

PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 4

Today, we visited KREATIVHAUS in Berlin Mitte, which is an institution that offers diverse social, cultural, and educational programs to people from the neighborhood and beyond. We had the chance to get to know and observe their summer holiday program for children, ages 5-10. Together with the children, we watched an introductory theater play that took us to a zoo in Australia from which a wombat managed to escape. In search for the little animal, we and the children went on an imaginary journey through Australia, learning from an actor expert about animals in Australia, jumping and collecting food together with kangaroos, singing, listening to stories, and doing handicrafts with aborigines. The journey was concluded with a final theater scene in which the fugitive wombat decided to go to the outback instead of returning to the zoo.

Participants describe the experience in this way:

“I have always believed in the proverb: ‘We are creative only if we are given an opportunity.’ This is  what I have experienced today at the creative house in Berlin. Children have shown a great part of their creativity during the three stages.” – Rachid El Machehouri (Morroco)

“This was an extraordinary experience for me. All those children having fun and learning things about Australia and the animals living there points to the importance of child development from an early age. KREATIVHAUS, keep up the good work!” – Jana Stanoeska (Macedonia)

“It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the creativity of all three stages. This gave me inspiration for making something like this in our center. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.” – Florin-Cristian Predescu (Romania)

“As a teacher being the first time in Berlin, this was an amazing experience as I learned new methods how to devise roles for children.” – Soha Msallha (Israel)

“It was a very relaxing experience, overcoming the borders between childhood and adulthood, entering the world of fairy tales. For me, personally, it was more an animation than a theater performance and I enjoyed interacting and playing with the children and becoming a child once again. It was also kind of sad to realize how much we become stuck in our adult world. Thank you for letting me play.” – Emilia Crushcov (Bulgaria)

“This was a wonderful journey into children’s world” – Raluca Ioana Vasile (Romania)

“We saw a play that dealt with the topic of wild animals being held in captivity. This is an important topic, which I discussed before with friends and colleagues. I appreciated that this complex issue was being put on stage. Although I didn’t always agree with the answers that were given, I enjoyed the play.” – Utz Ebertz (Germany)

“I was very happy to visit Kreativhaus today. I liked the experience, the children, the play, and the movement from one stage to another.” – Nikoleta Yaneva (Bulgaria)

After our excursion, we returned to our training venue in Berlin Spandau and engaged in a variety of non verbal theater methods and pantomime. During our intercultural party, we learned dances from Macedonia and Kosovo, discovered Serbian and Bulgarian history and arts, got to know different aspects of Morrocon lifestyle and culture, tasted our diverse food and drinks and celebrated.

- Verena Denk, Director, European Programs and Outreach, PTPI

The 2014 PTPI Theater Training was funded with support from the European Commission

Program objectives include:
  • Increase participants knowledge and appreciation of other cultures
  • Learn how to best raise awareness of culturally-related stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Exchange ideas and experiences related to humanitarian service projects
  • Practice techniques useful for working with young people and marginalized groups
  • Develop skills that will enable participants to combat marginalization and poverty via theater productions by and for young people
  • Empower and motivate participants to use these skills in their own communities
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