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PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 5

​Leaders from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, and Spain were selected for the 2014 program in Berlin, Germany. Participants will share their experiences throughout the course of the program

PTPI's 2014 European Forum/Theater Training Course: Day 5

Theater Training Course participants take part in an exercise using Merlin's cards
Theater Training Course participants take part in an exercise using Merlin’s cards
Theater Production Day - Today was the 5th day in our quest to learn about how to use theater to combat marginalization and poverty. Our great team is feeling tired and yet excited to go deeper and deeper into secrets of theater productions.  With all the impressions we gathered yesterday at KREATIVHAUS and being silent most of the time in the afternoon whilst practicing non-verbal theater methods, I felt like each of us had a lot to say today.

We were very fortunate to start the day with Merlin’s cards – an exercise led by our fellow colleague Judith – the drama therapist from Irael. It was not surprising for me to receive the card indicating giving knowledge to others and as the wheel turns, I am the one sharing my thoughts on today’s activities with you.

The theater production workshop was opened by the theater expert Martina Brückner (accompanied by her lovely dog), who made us think about all the things that could go wrong with theater production. In small groups we explored some of the most common practical and psychological problems, which may occur before, during and after. All the issues were explored further and the experts proposed some solutions. Our great trainers Zoran and Martina outlined The Golden Rules for Theater Productions. To me it was very useful to see that they were very similar to the means used to overcome obstacles in pretty much every other project we take on. One of the rules that stand out was: Expect the unexpected, as it will definitely happen. Martina, Zoran, and Verena elaborated further on some basics about writing your own theater play.

After lunch we continued with an energizer conducted by me, which made people laugh and got them all tuned up for work. The most meaningful moment for me was the moment we began working on the task to create our own Concepts for Theater Production.  After overcoming the anxiety caused by the lack of experience and the confusion in our national team of such an unusual work for us, the ideas just start flooding the blank papers and soon we had four original concepts of theater productions aiming at different target groups we work with and exploring important issues they face on a daily basis. During the debriefing of the group work, I was mesmerized in the open space of sharing and mutual support that was established. I can not find words to express all the emotions going through my head during this afternoon and all the inspiration I got whilst listening to the other national teams who had also created amazing concepts for Theater Productions.

Revealing the know how of Theater production and looking behind the curtains of  art-making made me feel privileged and rich and I will gladly share my treasure of newly gained skills and knowledge back home. I can’t wait to start working on the implementation of our ideas and see the results of the other participants too.

- Emilia Crushcov, PTPI’s Plovdiv, Bulgaria Chapter

The 2014 PTPI Theater Training was funded with support from the European Commission

Program objectives include:
  • Increase participants knowledge and appreciation of other cultures
  • Learn how to best raise awareness of culturally-related stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Exchange ideas and experiences related to humanitarian service projects
  • Practice techniques useful for working with young people and marginalized groups
  • Develop skills that will enable participants to combat marginalization and poverty via theater productions by and for young people
  • Empower and motivate participants to use these skills in their own communities
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