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World Water Day Awareness Project

On March 22, 2017, as part of World Water Day, our PTPI Imo State Nigeria Chapter participated in a powerful rally that brought attention to the strong need of clean water and sanitation for underprivileged individuals. They shared their report with the PTPI Network below:

World Water Day Awareness Project


PTPI Imo State Nigeria Chapter, in conjunction with her CSO partners in Imo State, took to the streets by going "blue4water" on behalf of the people without access to water and sanitation to demand that their human right to water and sanitation be fulfilled. Our call was to see a renewed commitment and prioritization to water, sanitation and hygiene for all. Our campaign focused on ensuring that the difficulties faced by those in need-the most vulnerable and marginalized-are addressed.

While addressing the media, the Team Lead and Chapter President, Clinton Ezeigwe said, “Tackling water and sanitation must be a central concern of the government, and we the people must remind our leaders that water and sanitation are cross-cutting issues at the heart of development. It is time our government step up efforts to honor the various promises they have made, including progressive annual budgeting allocations for water and sanitation." He further said, “We must make sure governments prioritize WASH for all, targeting the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society."
After the rally, there was a press briefing which had in attendance different medias from print, TV and radio.
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