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PTPI Chapter Project Grants: Kumasi, Ghana

PTPI's Kumasi Ghana University Chapter completed phase 3 of their Information and Communication Technologies project that has been funded with PTPI Chapter Grants. To help students gain the skills they need for success in the future, the chapter has provided computer equipment and tutoring.

PTPI Chapter Project Grants: Kumasi, Ghana

PTPI provides Chapter Project Grants so that our global chapter network may carry out cultural, educational, and humanitarian projects that exemplify the mission of PTPI. Chapters provide reports after their projects have been completed.

Chapter Name: Kumasi, Ghana University Chapter 

Project Name: Phase 3 of Information and Communication Technologies project 

Number of Beneficiaries: 6200 

Project Description: The team of executives conducted an Impact Assessment Test before settling on the school chosen to carry out the project. The Headmaster of the school was also consulted to find out the major needs of the school that is in line with PTPI's interest areas before the project began.  

"This was the final phase of ICT for all project. During the first two phases of the project the chapter donated desktop computers, ICT books and pamphlets to the school to assist in the teaching and learning of ICT as made compulsory in basic schools in Ghana by the government. Some members of the chapter also volunteered to teach ICT in the school. 

With this being the final phase of the project, the chapter donated a laptop and a projector to the school to be used by the ICT tutors and the PTPI volunteers who teach ICT during the long vacations of the tertiary institutions/ Universities." 

Outcomes and Impact of the Project: The project was a success story even before it was completed. Now all the student of the school have access to computers to practice what they are taught by the ICT teachers, unlike previously where they only learned it by theory.

Reflection on Lessons Learned: "I have learned that we can be the change we want to see. Also, Rome was not built in a day, so gradually we will get there. 
In the future we should be looking out for other reliable sources of funding so that we can raise enough funds to cover the entire budget."    
Grants are awarded twice per year and applications are due February 1 and/or August 1. All applicants will be notified within 30 days following the application deadline and funds will be distributed in March and September. Chapters may apply for and receive more than one grant in a year. Preference will be given to chapters who have not received a grant within the calendar year.

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