PTPI Togo Chapter creates partnership with Association for Visually Handicapped People

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, People to People chapters around the world have been hard at work serving their communities and creating lasting relationships even amid such hardship.

The People to People Togo Chapter in Lome, Togo created partnership with the Association for Visually Handicapped People in Amadahome, Lome, Togo. This partnership began very recently when the PTPI Chapter President, Newlove Bobson Atiso and several other members visited the home.

They brought with them friendship and supplies to help during this difficult time in their country and around the world. They also got to know and introduced the chapter members and the organization of People to People International. It was a wonderful experience where a lasting partnership was created.

This chapter work is reflective of the highest values that People to People represents and is greatly appreciated and recognized during this difficult time.