Member Activity Drive

Goals of the 60th Anniversary Activity Drive:
  • Increase worldwide awareness of PTPI members and their achievements
  • Grow PTPI’s Global Chapter and Membership Network
  • Build more connections between citizens of the world
  • Provide opportunities for participation in PTPI programs
  • Recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our global membership
How to Participate in the Activity Drive:
  • Complete one or more of the activities listed below
  • Submit a Project Report online here
Final Outcomes of the Activity Drive:
  • Project Reports will be monitored monthly
  • Each month, the most active chapters and members will be announced
  • All participants will receive a certificate of recognition
The Activities:
  • Recruit new members to join PTPI, as an at-large member or a member of a chapter
  • Take part in the PTPI Appreciative Inquiry
  • Plan a 60th Anniversary celebration in your community
  • Participate in a community service project (plan one or take part in one on behalf of PTPI)
  • Hold a social event involving cultural, educational activities
  • Receive media coverage for your PTPI activities
  • Apply for a PTPI Chapter Project Grant (for chapters only)
  • Connect with another PTPI Chapter (via exchange, homestay, etc.)
  • Submit your PTPI story
  • Send your favorite recipe to for inclusion in the PTPI Recipe Book
  • Complete a survey on ways you would like to support PTPI
*Don't forget* To be recognized for your participation you must submit a Project Report.

We can't wait to see what you accomplish!
Thank you for being part of the PTPI Family!